• Original arrangements

  • Arranging / orchestration from a pencil sketch

  • Arranging / orchestration of an electronic demo (from a DAW or MIDI file)

  • Additional orchestration

  • Takedowns / transcription

  • Score reading

  • Conducting (if there's genuinely no budget and you're desperate - it's best left to folk who truly enjoy being the centre of attention)


On any project the level of orchestration and / or arranging required can vary from transcription through to additional composition. David is at ease working at either level according to the requirements of the composer.


David is fluent in the use of Sibelius. He was fluent in the use of Finale, but then it all got a bit much. He would love to be fluent in the use of Dorico but he's far too old to start messing with two decades' worth of muscle memory.


Howard Goodall - accomplished composer, performer, broadcaster and all round good bloke - describes Brexit's toll on Britain's creative industries:


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