• Original arrangements
  • Arranging/orchestration from a pencil sketch
  • Arranging/orchestration of an electronic demo (from a DAW or MIDI file)
  • Additional orchestration
  • Takedowns/transcription
  • Score reading at recording sessions
  • Music preparation
  • Conducting

On any project the level of orchestration and/or arranging required can vary from simple transcription through to additional composition and David is equally at ease working at either level according to the requirements of the composer.

David is fluent in the use of the two leading music scoring applications, Sibelius and Finale. He chooses to orchestrate in Sibelius but can offer a music preparation service utilising either platform.

What he doesn’t do: program synthetic audio demos of his arrangements/orchestrations. There are other companies and individuals (e.g. Fauxharmonic Orchestra) who offer this service.